By Martine Brown

Are you looking for strategies and techniques to take your practice to the next level by building digital capacity for teachers and instructional leaders? In 21 Lessons of Tech Integration Coaching, Martine Brown provides a practical guide about how to use your skills to support and transform schools.

As a veteran, teacher, educator, and instructional coach, Martine shares her insights in a series of reflective lessons that expound on 21 key lessons that she has used to help hone her craft.

In this book you will gain:

  • Insight on the traits of strong instructional coaches

  • Techniques for building teacher leader teams

  • Strategies to create actionable coaching cycles

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Martine (MAR-TEEN) Brown is a driven and dedicated education professional with over 10 years experience of advancing the classroom landscape by leading technology integration for students and teachers as an English, Reading, and College Readiness Teacher. As an instructional coach, she is highly skilled at encouraging staff to modernize learning techniques to seamlessly integrate digital tools in the instructional environment. Her mantra is Every Student Counts, and it is her mission to be a catalyst of change in education.