Children's Books

​Getting Started in Three Easy Steps

  1. Once you have finished your first draft, post the Google Doc of your story into the shared folder.

  2. Notify us on your Trello board that you are done.  A team member will give your story a read-through and give you some feedback.

  3. Once you have processed the feedback, make a copy of our Children's Book Template.  The template contains directions on how to complete your initial mock-up.  Once you have finished, please add this to your shared folder and notify us on Trello. 

Finding an Illustrator

This can be the most daunting part of your book.  Below, we have some recommendations.  Please take a look at their styles and see if any of them suit your project, and let us know!  We will adjust this list over time as we meet new people.

If you have found your own illustrator, please connect with Sarah to discuss the next steps.


Recommended Illustrators

Click on the arrows to see more. Some images are linked to the illustrator's site with more examples.