By Aubrey Jones

Need a laugh? Take a few minutes with Lessons and Lattes, a humorous take on teaching from the eyes of Ms. Latte. Follow the journey of her and her students as she shares hilarious insight into our profession.




Aubrey wears many hats including special education teacher, bahavior analyst, and social worker. In other words, she is Just Aubrey. She looks to eradicate labels in the classroom and in the community. She is at the forefront of a movement entitled #nomorelabels and is working to promote classroom communities of success with structure and support. When she does not have her teacher hat on, she creates comics and loves escaping to the beach. Fueled by caffeine, she hopes to push kids (and adults) beyond their comfort zone to try and experience new and exciting things. The bar just needs to be set high enough. She will be opening a resource center (a place for teachers to connect, exchange resources, and take care of themselves) in the near future.