Math SEALs Curriculum

Tenickia Polk

Math SEALs is a great tool for math intervention programs, after-school programs, and summer camps for students in grades 3-6. The curriculum offers engaging lessons that incorporate several modes of learning: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, logical, social, and solitary. For teachers, MathSEALs provides detailed lessons, as well as all the materials and resources you’ll need to make teaching math a success. MathSEALs takes the toughest math standards and provides tech-flexible and engaging lesson plans to encourage student success.  Find out more information at




Tenickia Polk is the author of several books and the founder of the survivor empowerment non-profit, Community of Thrivers, Inc., as well as the Marketplace 4 Change Speakers and Book Publishing Agency. She hosts and produces a local TV show, Community Chat, on FPA channel 10.

Tenickia earned a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Criminology/Pre-Law with a minor in Pan-African studies.  She also earned her business certificate in Event Management from George Washington University. Tenickia is currently pursuing her Masters in Educational Technology at Loyola University. Her vast experience working in education, government, consulting, and publishing has earned her many awards including “Teacher of the Year” at Washington D. C.’s Calvary Christian Academy, 2009 and the “ACSI National Exemplary School Program Award,” 2008 – 2009.