Classroom to CEO through the Power of ONE

Do you remember the moment that you walked into your classroom for the first time ever? You’d just finished earning your certification and were super excited to have a new job. Your heart was full of joy, hope, and positivity about the impact that you would have on the lives of your students.

Then the school year started and yes, you absolutely LOVED your students, but let’s be honest… It was all downhill from there.

Your life became filled with -

Meetings that could have been emails…

Parents that drove you crazy...

Evenings and weekends spent grading papers and planning lessons…

And that was BEFORE Covid-19!

All of the insanity made you begin to question if you’d made the right choice and then the craziest thing of all happened…

You got your first check!

In 2003, I entered the profession with a master’s degree and a $35,000/year salary to match, but that was almost 20 years ago so hopefully, the pay scale has increased for first-year teachers.

Even if it has, I’m willing to bet that it’s still not the best. Wouldn’t you agree? Back in my day the only options that were available to supplement a low teaching salary were to coach or sponsor a club, but thankfully times are a changing!

Fast forward twenty years and teachers that are looking to supplement their income can do so right from the comfort of their homes by starting a side hustle.

While powering up my laptop and deciding to start an online business was one of the best decisions of my life, it most certainly didn’t feel like that in the beginning. When I first started my side hustle, I approached it much like I did everything else. I decided to teach myself what to do by letting Google direct my path and whatever the Google gurus told me to do, that’s exactly what I did.

Create a WordPress website… Check!

Start building an email list… Check!

Post 3 times on Instagram every day… Check!

Follow and engage on popular posts every day… Check!

Create 20 new pins per week… Check!