Dr. Sam Fecich and Hannah Sansom are back with a planner made just for future teachers!  Organization and time management are combined through monthly, weekly, and daily schedules calendars. Along with resources to guide you through your teaching journey, Sam and Hannah have included areas for goal setting and reflection. Some other features include:


  • yearly checklist and resources just for education majors
  • course schedule
  • assignment and grade tracker
  • observation logs
  • student teaching logs and weekly reflections
  • speaker notes


Grab your copy today! You can download the planner to print or to edit in the PDF editing application of your choice. We provided you with two files one is a PDF of the entire planner all 585 pages of eduawesomeness. The other file includes everything except for the daily schedule making this only 225 pages perfect for printing! 


We know that this planner will help guide you during your education major journey to becoming an educator of excellence. 

EduMagic Planner

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