Teddy Roosevelt once said, “I am a part of everything I have read.” When Rachelle read his quote, it greatly resonated with her because of her love of quotes and the impact they can have in our lives. In Other Words is a book full of inspirational and thought-provoking quotes that have pushed her thinking, inspired her, and given her strength when she needed it. The book shares stories around the importance of growing ourselves as educators, knowing our why, as well as learning from and embracing failures and taking risks with learning so we can become our best selves for those we lead and learn with. There are stories shared by educators with different backgrounds and different perspectives. Rachelle's own experiences and interpretations and the educator vignettes shared by her PLN (Personal or Professional Learning Network) will hopefully push your thinking, inspire you, and provide whatever it is that you need. Her hope is that by sharing their stories, it will inspire you to share yours.

In Other Words

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