Data has become synonymous with other four-letter words, as a source of profanity not to be uttered in schools, yet being assessment literate is actually a key component in generating highly effective learning environments.


In this book, Dr. Schmittou takes the often dreaded conversation about assessment and data and makes it manageable, useful, and relevant. This is not a book about scale scores, Rausch Units, or standard deviations. This is a book designed to help classroom teachers get to know their students better by creating and using assessment in a systemic and systematic way that actually makes sense.


If you are an educator who loves students, loves your content, and loves teaching, but you hate the high stakes environment that schools have become because of the misunderstandings surrounding numbers, labels, and data, then this is the book for you. Jump in and learn practical tips for understanding how to reach EACH child in your quest to teach EVERY child. Knowing the difference between EACH and EVERY is THE difference.

Making Assessment Work for Educators Who Hate Data but LOVE Kids

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