Every classroom is filled with creative potential. Unlock Creativity will help you discover opportunities that will make every student see themselves as a creative thinker. The keys shared in this book will spark your personal creativity and offer you imaginative ideas that will open new doors for your students to explore.


Now, more than ever, it is time to unlock creative opportunities for our students. This is an exciting time in education as students are designing, collaborating, and creating in the classroom. The inclusion of innovative learning spaces and the use of technology to enhance creativity are quickly changing the landscape in our schools.


Creativity may be a little different for each of us. It happens through our wondering, exploring, tinkering, and doing. It involves playing around with ideas. It is the opportunity to take what is circling around in our imagination and bring it to life. We can foster this in our classrooms in small ways that will elicit positive change, increase creative confidence, and unlock new opportunities for students.


If you feel like you’ve lost your ability to be creative in the classroom or believe that student creativity needs a jumpstart, then this book is for you. It’s for teachers who want to reimagine what teaching can look like in a creative classroom. It’s for school and district leaders who recognize that students are more than test scores. It’s for curriculum leaders and instructional coaches who want to rethink school curriculum by infusing creative opportunities for all learners. This book will provide tools for you as the teacher to increase your personal creativity as well as strategies to empower your students. This book is for anyone who wants to unlock creativity in powerful ways by unleashing our imaginations and create exciting possibilities for kids!

Unlock Creativity

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