By Kristen Koppers

Many times we often judge others before we learn about them. Abbey Mae learns how it feels to not be accepted by others. Follow her journey as she finds out who she is on the inside.




Kristen Koppers is a blogger, presenter, author, and high school educator as well as an adjunct teacher at the local junior college. She has been teaching for more than fifteen years and is currently teaching high school English in Illinois. She is a Google Certified Level 1 Educator and National Board Certified Teacher. Kristen has a Master of Arts degree in English and a second Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration. Kristen wrote the book Differentiated Instruction in the Teaching Profession as a way to share her ideas of how to use Differentiated Instruction inside the classroom. As an educator, it is important to find innovative ways to meet the needs of her students. Kristen is often on Twitter (@Mrs_Koppers) participating in chats and collaborating with other educators. It’s easy to share DI ideas on Twitter (#DITeaching).