Dr. Casey Jakubowski

Teaching is by far one of the most intellectually rewarding, emotionally challenging, and physically
exhausting careers in the world. This book explores the thoughts that author Casey T. Jakubowski, PhD
has on a wide range of education-related topics. Seeking to give voice to rural education, in this unstable
time, and reflecting on a wide of research and experiences, this work offers all educators, from the
beginning, all the way to the end, a reflective voice to channel their own experiences against and with
on their journey.




Casey Jakubowski is a consultant, educator, and coach for people who want to move from ok to OUTSTANDING! With over 20 years of experience in consulting with teams to develop strong bonds, productive planning, and creative engagement, and mentoring all levels of professionals, Casey works closely with people who seek improvement, high performance, and ways to change the world!